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Touch and Brush

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Touch N Brush Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste everytime with just a light touch of your toothbrush. Touch N Brush Hands Free Toothpaste …

Eliminate Messy, Sticky Bathroom Sinks… Forever! Touch N Brush, the New Hands Free, Mess Free Toothpaste Dispenser.

Tired of squeezing the last drop of toothpaste?
Introducing - the Touch N Brush toothpaste dispenser.
The Touch-n-Brush uses revolutionary, vacuum force technology to cleanly squeeze every available drop of toothpaste in the tube. With the Touch N Brush, you get the perfect amount of toothpaste EVERY time without the mess.

The Touch and Brush product is easy to set up… you just push the suction cups, which are on the back of the product, against the wall. It sticks without much effort at all. Then, put the tube of toothpaste in and close it up.

The Touch N Brush Works worth virtually any size tube and secures easily onto any surface without any tools.

There is no electric or batteries to replace…ever!
The of the Touch N Brush secret is in the patented technology vacuum force - as the toothbrush gently pushes the pump arm - vacuum force dispenses the right amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush.

The Touch N Brush looks perfect in every bathroom and is even available in an elegant chrome finish.
It neatly dispenses the right amount of toothpaste every time.

It’s easy to use and prevents that messy toothpaste tube from sitting on your counter. No worrying about getting the cap off.

Eliminate messy, sticky bathroom sinks forever.

  • NO MORE Messy sticky bathroom sinks!
  • NO MORE Crusty toothpaste tubes – the Touch N Brush eliminates mess.
  • NO MORE Fighting for the last drop of paste!
  • NO MORE Kids leaving behind a morning mess!

With the Touch N Brush you can make sticky toothpaste tubes a thing of the past !!
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